Date: March 18th, 2019

Available for purchase TODAY! Dominic Bradbury’s Off the Grid: Houses for Escape features a collection of environmentally sustainable houses, cabins, and retreats. Published by Thames & Hudson, Midland is proud to have our work amongst the amazing collection of projects included within.

Description from the Publisher:

“Dominic Bradbury tells the story of how innovative architects have made everyday living in the most wild and remote locations of the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia not only feasible, as all of the homes featured are largely self-sustaining in terms of energy, water, and in some cases food, but also a rewarding and tempting reality.

From snowbound cabins in the far Northern Hemisphere to coastal retreats that can only be accessed by boat, this fully illustrated overview explains the diverse ways in which architects are tackling extreme climates, remoteness, and sustainability challenges to enable a new way of life that is both liberating and responsible, wherever on Earth you happen to be.”

Wallpaper* Magazine says “Inspiring … If you’re interested in going down the alternative living route, this is your handbook.”

To purchase your copy, follow the link <here>