Date: September 12th, 2019

The Todd Snyder Liquor Store is now open at 235 West Broadway in New York City.

Todd Snyder is opening his second New York location and it’ll mark a return to a very familiar space for the seasoned menswear designer. Snyder will be taking over the former J.Crew Liquor Store, a company where he served as the Senior Vice President of men’s design before starting his own label. The new shop will feature one-on-one wardrobe consultations, exclusive Liquor Store pieces, limited-edition collaborations, and a selection of curated accessories. It will also play host to an ongoing series of member events and a bespoke suiting service. 

The design marks the second collaboration between Midland Architecture, interior design James Mills, and Todd Snyder. They previously worked together on the Todd Snyder flagship at Madision Square Park.