Todd Snyder Liquor Store

New York, NY

The newest Todd Snyder location housed in a historic Tribeca landmark.

Project Type: Commercial Retail
Location: New York, NY
Role: Architecture
Year: 2019

The new Todd Snyder Liquor store marks our second collaboration with Todd and interior designer James Mills. Located in TriBeCa, the downtown men’s shop came with a well preserved historic interior that dates back to the mid 1800’s. Working with a space that’s nearly 200 years old presented it’s set of challenges (there was hardly a square foot within the space that was level or plum) but also provided a rare palette of features and details to build upon with the renovation. To elevate the finishes, the space was entirely coated with a high-gloss military green and accented with brass. Minimalist fixtures were designed to give the historic interior a transitional quality. Reclaimed white oak laid in a herringbone pattern replaced an existing floor that was beyond repair. All come together to create an interior that is both timeless and very much a part of the present.