OFF-GRID RETREAT // Belmont County, Ohio

This 900 square foot retreat, situated in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, blends both old and new technologies to create a self-sustaining home.  South facing glazing in the living room provides views across a seven acre lake, bringing the outdoors into the space.  It is also integral to the passive solar design which provides heat from the concrete finish floors.  Additional sustainable features include a fresh water cistern supplied by a natural spring located to the north, and electricity generated by a solar cell array.  On the exterior, a Corten metal roof and burnt cedar siding give the retreat a rugged cladding that helps the home blend into it’s surroundings.


This renovation of a late 60’s era single-family home features an exterior of stained cypress siding and a cedar shake roof.  The project program included additions to both the front and rear elevations; with the new sunroom addition allowing for panoramic views across the farm beyond.  A point of focus with the renovation involved increasing the efficiency of the house, the results of which dramatically cut the owners heating and cooling bills upon completion of construction.  

RURAL PAVILION // Belmont County, Ohio

An open-air structure composed of Douglas fir timbers, corrugated Corten roofing, and southern yellow pine, the Rural Pavilion is an event space located within an active, black angus cattle farm.  Framed and assembled in a manor similar to a barn raising, the pavilion recalls a local building tradition typical of the region.